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T H E   B L O W B A C K

The Blowback follows the recording and artistic process of Austin based rock musician, Emily Wolfe, exploring music as a battleground, an anthem, a catharsis, and a canvas that incites political and personal justice as it invites listeners to grieve, scream, cry, play, dance and sing along as the artist, reveals her decision to self produce her most inspired album to date. 


"I've never felt more connected to a body of work than I do to The Blowback. The songs on this album are not just an amalgam of melodies and lyrics to me, they represent the highest form of myself as an artist and the person I'm meant to be. I'm still getting to know her, but she is a person who shows resilience through the deepest grief, and an unapologetic attitude in displaying feminine rage.”

— Emily Wolfe

Producer / Director 

Jen Parkhill



Hannah Varnell

Skye Lewallen

Danielle Calodney

Jen Parkhill


Editor / Colorist

Benjamin Lieber


Sound Designer

Drewsky Hulett


Creative Consultant

Danielle Calodney


Post Production House

Bittersweet Media

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