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The conversations I have shared with folks as I create their poems have been some of the most riveting encounters and stories I have had the pleasure of being a part of in my entire life.


It goes like this, we have a brief conversation that is equal parts casual and something akin to a therapy session, and I craft a custom poem spawned from our conversation on my typewriter for them to take home with them on-the-spot. We usually part at the end of this experience with hugs, tears, laughter or a mixture of all of the above. It is an exchange of artistic medicine in a world which rarely allows us to pause and truly connect


I am continually awed by how open, honest, and willing people are to share their lives at the foot of my typewriter and give voice to pieces of their hearts and minds. 

Some favorite clients I have collaborated with for live events include Fendi, Brugal, SXSW, And Cosm Labs.


I would love to type at your next holiday gathering, wedding, anniversary, birthday party, bar mitzvah, hoe down, family reunion, corporate party and beyond. I'll come dressed to fit your theme and ready to connect with your guests and curate their custom poems. 

I work with a wonderful company called Ars Poetica who books from a roster of poets like myself nation-wide. But don't worry - you can email me directly and I will get you all the deets to book. 


As a rhythmically motivated poet, I often enjoy playing out my rock star dreams by performing my poetry alongside musicians. 

If you are a musician looking to jam, if you're hosting an artsy gallery event that could benefit from spoken word, a poetry event or a backyard salon, I'd love to come play. 

Some favorite past events include poetry readings at New York Theater Workshop, Malvern Books, weddings, literary events,  magazine launch parties, live performances at HArt Yard, ATX, and musically accompanied performances at Rhythm and Resin, CA. 

I'd love to connect with you about your upcoming event or opportunity to jam. 

Black and White Typewriter


Sometimes we just can't quite put words to the way we feel. It is a special joy of mine to capture the essence of the sentiments that echo from within your heart and put them to paper on your behalf. 

I have written longer form poems for couples who are celebrating wedding anniversaries, engagements, the birth of a child. I've aided in turning scraps of paper and stories into wedding vows, have written poems to commemorate family members who have passed, custom birthday poems, and love poems on behalf of lovers who struggle to articulate their feelings for themselves. I've written for folks who are entering new careers, new life paths, are struggling through challenges, heart breaks, and have given them empowering mantras to return to during seasons of doubt. 

I would be happy to write a poem for any occasion of your choosing or just because.


It is my joy to be the conduit that gives voice to your thoughts, memories and emotions. I believe in poetry as a powerful medicine that can awaken our spirits and give us opportunities to feel witnessed and seen through what is tangible yet abstract. 

If you are interested in a custom poem, just click the link below so we can set time for a call to share a heart to heart about what you're looking for. And if you don't know what you'd like but feel compelled to have a poem created for you -- that's okay too! We can chat and see where the muse takes us. 

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