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Snow Blown.

Photography by Rebecca Anne Dreiling

Taos // February 2021

A reprieve with loved ones just after weathering one of the worst storms ever to hit Texas.

And an excerpt written in a workshop with Andrea Gibson during our days in Taos, still processing the storm that rocked our community amidst the pandemic.

I found you standing

in those snow blown woods.

cluster of trees

beaten basketball court

made for one

made for shooting.


and there you were,

shooting hoops with love.

slow dancing

with that tree

with cold feet

thinking about that boy

who was found dead

in those woods

the day after

you moved in

and a girl you want

to love.

a tree planted

in his honor,

someone had covered it

with a sheet

to hold in its warm.


losing heat

losing limbs

and life

to frost


where to go

when home

is in the street

where there’s nothing to eat.

no water to drink.

all you could do

was hand out

some sandwiches

in a borrowed truck

some water

some glimpses of reassurance.

all those fearful eyes.

all you could do

was hold onto that tree.

nothing making any sense

except maybe

Just maybe

a sheet

wrapped around branches

holding in all the hope

that something


just maybe


will survive

just maybe


will bloom again.


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