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Photography by Adam Coleman

my life has been as ordinary

as any other

in that it has been extraordinary

in corners built for my sole perception

the magnificence of simplicity.

that private bite of breath

the humming bird glimpsed hovering

the turn over the shoulder

with nothing but the air to witness the miracle

of footsteps crunching dirt.

in rare moments I have slid

into the same line of sight,

a parallel vantage point

with a fellow earthling

and eaten the fruit

of animating in unison.

these might be the most profound

akin to glimpsing a UFO

we gape the world as one

“are you really there?”

“did you see what I saw?”

no requisite for speech

only the swill and swell of knowing

of pupils meeting

that say,




we are alive.

smacked silly

with hot white now

sharing that beam of sun

that pang of sweet

on the tongue.

but better still

are the seconds

when no creature is near

to gulp that corner of moon

that hits the heart just so.

only the earth,

the creator,

as my witness

a privacy that expands

beyond thought

a catapult

of all things singular

and joined

at once,

the tree that—does it?

make a sound as it falls

with no ears to hear it by?

the vibration of the fall

felt in the roots

of those left standing.

earth, we are made of,

and earth we return to


and again

and again.

that great wide lens

of being.

the world,


by each uncommon view.

the minutes of my life

that mattered

were shielded from public.

i used to think otherwise.

i think now—

i like to think

i know better.

i’m learning.

they happened in the dark

of my thoughts.

and in vibrations built for two.

they happened in a field.

little thumb pricks

of perfection

for my singular heart

to register.

a sensation of love

exploding internally


and here I am

to drink it.

and isn’t that just something.

a little bouquet of living

here blooming

just for me.

just for you.

just for us.


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