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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Photo by Adam Coleman

she’s looking at me and I’m looking at a wormhole my eyes in her head flap-jawed a mouth a mind a runaway train i am the blood that made me hot hot as the I- land of its source it’s a choice letting that fire run capsize my head bang the nail until its dead i’m really seeing it now putting my hand in the earth pulling up root vegetables elephant hearts car parts. reach until I hit lava digging around in dino bones recycling bins sifting cards i can’t read but not because the spanglish— the handwriting it trips me.

coffee coffee caffeine please three heads on repeat she’s telling a story when her bra fell off in Denny’s deafening laughter that was yesterday a decade double that me slinking off cradling silence and the giraffe wallpaper in the bathroom stall is still here reminding me— a time when it was safe to be happy. we weathered that storm her daughter died came back a voice like warm water no thing can break you now a lie suits of steel bullets boomeranged birds of steam. there’s still a house to clean

blink blink here comes that black drink again clanging of spoons like a clock in my throat pour pour repeat while i quietly rip the gear out pray no one sees they sip i shape shift right here at the table bits of stubborn bone falling to the ground what used to be my feet parts that stab parts that break parts that bent you i want them gone

miami nights we drank jet fuel then tried to lay in bed laughter that made the sky clap a day in the sun that left me with aloe on my back at 4am not her a rainy bus ride arms stacked with damp groceries a bus stop a herd of cats her hands my hands a looking glass mom fell on rollerblades tell people it was a shark bite, we said sounds tougher, we said but she’s tough enough she taught me that women with fire in the lungs my blessing my curse

coffee’s gone cold pay the check tears escaping in the parking lot we embrace my pain her pain she takes some feel it in her chest blood works that way too.


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