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Access Theater

July 19th-22nd 2018

Written by John Anthony Loffredo

Directed by Jennifer Parkhill

Produced by Piera Van de Wiel


Marcus Jones

Johnny Pozzi

Jack Sochet*

John Anthony Loffredo

Marissa Matrone

Valeria Avina

Janessa Floyd

Charles Dinstuhl*

*Appearing courtesy of the Actors Equity Association

Here. Artist Collective, founded by John Anthony Loffredo, Piera Van de Wiel and Jennifer Parkhill.


Our Mission:

Representation matters, but it is twofold. For too long queer stories have lived on the periphery of narratives explored on stage and in film. It is not enough to just tell the stories of queer individuals, it is imperative that we are included in the creation of them.  HERE strives to champion the work of LGBTQ+ artists, by presenting traditional narratives through a queer perspective. We invite audiences to break down the boundaries within their imagination and experience a world in which our narrative is ever present.

Read more about us in NEWEST YORK.

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